OOTS 4: Sign of the Moon

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OOTS4: Sign of the Moon

 (Original post title: Congratulations, new warriors Dovey & Ivy!)

 I know it’s been a while since this book came out(April 5th) but I felt the need to celebrate its existence! I haven’t read it yet, but the first 6 chapters are revealing enough!

First of all, something we’ve all been waiting for: Dovey & Ivy’s warrior ceremonies! WHEE! Here are some excerpts of the ceremony(all rights to Harper Collins and Erin Hunter)


 Dovepaw became Dovewing, as we predicted in 2009(that was even before OOTS1 was out!), while Ivypaw became Ivypool, with an excellent one-syllable word to complete her name. We all know the Ivypaw of Twarriors as Ivyfrost(because @KatieThreeCats said she liked the name), but before the Twitter Dovey and Ivy’s warrior ceremonies, look what we have here in a poll we made in 2009.

Ivypool got the most votes! And Ivyfrost got only 3(it’s 4 because I voted for it just now)! Well, Ivypool does sound nicer than anything else, which would be exactly why Erin Hunter has chosen it. Guess we have a knack for guessing what happens in the books, huh?

I’m glad we finally got to see that, but inside my mind there’s this little(more like..big) seed of doubt whether the sisters are ready to become warriors. Sure, they’ve earned it, especially with what they’re currently struggling against, but it feels like they’re still apprentices. Perhaps it’s because Dovewing and Ivypool were born in difficult times, having to face the Big War right on when they’re such fragile things. No cat can help being insecure and doubtful when they’re carrying burdens bigger than mountains. The two are so confused all the time, even as they mature(how did the 6 mooons fly past so quickly?), and even though they might have learned all the physical skills the clan offers, they’re no more than newbies in the Big “Star Wars”. I think it’s most likely that Dovey and Ivy will grow up steadiy through out the last 3 books of OOTS as they fight major disasters, and finally, in the last book, come out as true warriors, true heroes who are weary after all that has happened, full of experience and wisdom. I just hope nothing will prevent Ivypool from shining in that great moment when the sun(symbolic) finally rises. Maybe she will die.. but anything else would be too much of a plot twist.

Who knows? Let us simply watch..


Secondly.. **SPOILER ALERT**


HOLLYLEAF ISN”T DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I have a suspicion about where she’s gone to.. and what role she will have in the future books(or chapters. How much happens in SOTM?). In order for the Sunrise plot not to be a dead end, Hollyleaf must survive. And she does. Never liked her.. still don’t. We’ll see if her darling Ashfur also makes an appearance in the remaining books. Good luck, Hollyleaf!



When will Firestar die? This is random but.. it’s inevitable. I’ll have to update this part afte reading Sign of the Moon.


So.. that’s it. This post was supposed to be more of a “Dovey and Ivy are Warriors now!” post than something about the overall OOTS4 book. My writing skills have never been good, but I hope the post is understandable. Thank you!


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