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February 18, 2010 at 3:44 pm (Announcement, blog) (, , )

CyberClan is now open! Thank you Bluesummers for joining TOWN(the official warriors network/fansite on ning) ! Glad to see that you are ambitious as ever;we were always the ones to cause trouble by trying out new sites and betraying our greediness(?) for … ??? Hazeltail was always the wonderful humble medicine cat who had a mind like one of those pureblooded thunderclan warriors like Thrushpelt…sigh…CyberClan is definitely sth you’ve got there blues. The very idea of a clan…cyber…a mix of roleplay and a fanclub. I don’t know much more than that, although I might just be playing my usual modesty(hey ivy I Saw wat u wrote up there!!!! Get me a pillowcase from the kitties and let’s have a little feather fight!)… Wishes from everyone for our two networks to thrive…TOGETHER. it’s getting late and I have some training to do tomorrow.

I have to say that I love everyone here…it was so nice of Blues to come back and bring back the happy memories of October and November…suddenly realized how close we’ve become. A little love for Valentines Day here, hope you’ll give me some too! Oh, and now everyone has nicknaes! Me was always dovey from the start but now it’s more like an affectionate nickname now. Blues…Hazel dosen’t need a special name; her name just sounds too great. And she’s so similar to herself in the books it’s hard to call her anything else. (snaps:@bumble of course I know her real name stupid! Don’t you??) oh, just ignore that…snot like he’s online or anything…not on Twitter…wow. You guys know it’s been 5 months since we met? Amazing. I really need to sleep. Had a little 2AM adventure last nite. On my pod now.
Just saying that I’m hoping our alliance lasts forever(you know wat I mean) with the extra ning connection now.
Can’t believe I wrote all this on my pod. My eye are burning.

Eeep! Forgot to mention how I like being called dovey so much(dreamy face) lovey lovey dovey dovey

So happy to break out of my very-serious depression. Happy hunting! Time for some lovely dreams for me! My recents weren’t very lovely. My body’s so uncomfortable here…typing(?) in secret on this hot bed…my shoulders ache. Sweet dreams! Love ya girls! And boys.


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