Well, I’m here.

July 14, 2011 at 3:48 pm (blog)

Hi, this is Ivyfrost. I know I haven’t been active for a while on Twitter and well, I did say I was going to be taking a break for who-knows-how-long even though the announcement was burried under a bunch of other tweets. I miss you all on Twitter but I’m afraid I can’t be on much these days. And I haven’t been keeping up with the Warriors books. I just ordered OOTS4 and now the OOTS6 spoilers are everywhere! I’m freaked out! Because I used to wait for months just for ONE book. But now I’m way behind and I don’t feel like I’m a good Warriors fan. This.. sounds really bogus. Sigh.. All I want to do is read everything I missed on and RP as Ivyfrost/pool(really, Twitter is the only place I feel like hanging out at), throwing mini-Bob’s at everyone.

I’m simply emotional at the moment. It’s almost midnight and.. I just wanted to upload a post. Twitter’s not working at the moment. That’s all.


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