The Beginning of the Fifth Age

December 26, 2010 at 5:27 am (Announcement)

[Doveflght, management of the Twarriors Ages and system.]

The original group of warriors on Twitter were formed in September 2009,  and they soon became “extinct”, ending “The First Age” as we now call it. It was a very uncivilized time yet also a very important one, as it was the start of the Twitter Warriors. Soon a new generation followed the dead warriors – and started to build(it happened naturally) things from almost nothing.. and slowly we grew, so the new, brighter age known as the Second Age began in the middle of October 2010. The small community of Twitter Warriors grew, but remained quite calm. (November and December were a blast for us. I remember having a lot of fun in those two months. Utterly WONDERFUL.) We were still much bigger than before, and lots of things happened in the leafbare that year. And as Newleaf approached.. and all the snow melted away.. March marked the start of a new season, a new Age, and the end of the Second, the age we were all created in. March was an extremely special month for us, and we met a lot of new members and took to new styles, tweets, and fun. So our community became a brilliantly active one in that season, the Third Age. There were many changes and additions in that age, too much to remember or mention, but all I can say is that it was BIG. Everyone slowly died out in June(still a lot of changes there)-or was it July?.. we were roleplaying, using XD instead of 8D in our usernames..(therefore it became the Age of the XDs)  Dovepaw and Ivypaw had their warrior ceremonies, giving up on the plan of waiting for their canon characters to reach their twelfth moon in the books. Overall it was a brilliant Greenleaf, though there was a little “break” in the twarriors, as they were busy with their summer life. But slowly it rose up again and the Fourth Age was announced in July – the Third and the Fourth were blended in in June/July, so there was no abrupt start of the fourth, not that we didn’t feel a change, which we did. We were wilder, crazier, and of course, in a way, suffering from the draught of Warriors(Fading Echoes went by quickly).. but still Twarriors. Mini golden ages were sprouted now and then, and that’s how the Fourth Age passed. The first unofficial anniversary of Twitter Warriors was in the third week of September, the start of the First Age, and we greeted our very first REAL anniversary of the creation of Twarriors on October 16th. We spent our second Leaf-fall(the season we were always remembering with a sense of nostalgia) together.. busy but splendidly.The Second year of Twarriors – and the Fifth Age. November… it was our busiest month of all, but we never left for too long. Extreme loyalty. Keeping things alive. Then Night Whispers was released on the 23rd, a day before the anniversary of The Fourth Apprentice’s release, which we all recalled with excitement. The storm of November passed after a while, and once everyone was well into December, we live! Another memorable leafbare…

Happy Fifth Age!


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