February 10, 2010 at 2:13 pm (Announcement)

Our warriors fansite network
Is open! Thank you hazeltail mistystar and foreststar for joining . Also our new members loneheart and seedfur. we hope more cats will join and make our network boosting with energy! We have forestclan and riverclan… No thunderclan?
*purrs in amusement*
So…everyone’s busy….but, fortunately, ning is something… You can contribute to the network by merely adding a photo or decorating your page. The basic layout and systems are already there. Enjoy!

Message from dovepaw on “vacation”



  1. Foreststar said,

    Nice post dovey… Wanna go out with me on twittine valentine?

    • Flyingwind said,

      sure Rainfall…you’re younger than my mentor so that makes sense

  2. warriorsofthunderclan said,

    Hi! I love your blog! Will you come visit my Warriors blog, Warriors of ThunderClan? It has all kinds of Warriors things like videos, stories and fan-fics by me, Clan RPs to join, spoilers about the books, and more! Thanks! (No one has went to it yet and it’s brand-new)

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