Purrs of Copycats

December 26, 2009 at 11:24 am (Events&Special Activities)

Written by Dovepaw, Lionblaze, Ivypaw, Squirrelflight, and Foreststar.
on ☆StArMaS☆

DOVEPAW i read the whole ORIGINAL SERIES yesterday(&today)..*sniffs* i like Firestar better than any other cat in the whole world~~~

DOVEPAW oh, I miss the old days back in the forest…*sniffs*
IVYPAW You sound like an elder!
SQUIRRELFLIGHT Sounds like ivypaw’s copying Firestar!
LIONBLAZE *shakes head in mock despair* What a bunch of copycats!
FORESTSTAR Now, REALLY???(amused purr) Lionblaze, I believe you’re
acting just like Lionheart.
CROWFEATHER Everyone should just shut up…(hisses) hypocrites!
[P.S. Poor Foreststar had to say this line on twitter]
HAZELTAIL Dovepaw is sounding like Sandstorm! (stifling a purr)
FORESTSTAR I think Lionblaze’s line is the BEST!!! Seriously…

12.26 Starmas Season Day 4(on twitter. TOTALLY an AD LIB!!!)
DOVEPAW Oh! *pounces on a cold white falling thing* @Lionblazex3
What’s this, Lionblaze? It’s cold!
LIONBLAZE *purrs* it’s snow-more will come, and it will fill the ground
FORESTSTAR just spotted another COPYCAT THING- @Dovepaw and
@Lionblazex3 pretending to be Firestar and Bramble paw..about the snow, I mean.

Copyright © 2009 12. 26 By The Twitter Warriors


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