December 19, 2009 at 7:55 am (Uncategorized)

LEADER Greenstar

DEPUTY Wallbramble-fierce dark brown tabby tom

                   -Apprentice  Bristlepaw

MEDICINE CAT Icewing, Cherrypaw


Rossclaw- reddish ginger tom.

                      -Apprentice  Sharppaw

Lilycloud- white and yellow tabby she-cat

Swanflower- Pure white she-cat with green eyes and feathery pelt

Blackpool- Black tom with white streaks over pelt.

Roseberry- Rose-colored pelt, amber eyes.’

Pinkfrost- White tom with short fur, light pinkish brown stripes.

Tigerfrost- Young dark tabby tom, pelt like Wallbramble’s.

Emeraldeyes- White she-cat with emerald eyes.

Crystalshine- White and light-gray she-cat, ice-blue eyes.

Mossheart- tortoiseshell-and-white tom. amber eyes.

Darkfur- Tom with dark gray fur. One stripe of darker fur.

Trottingstep- Recently made warrior. Mottled gray tom.

Fallowfoot- Golden tom with white chest. -Apprentice Poolpaw

Dappleheart- pale gray she-cat with dappled coat.

Skyfeather- light gray warrior with blue eyes.

                       -Apprentice Greenpaw

6 warriors(Brightshadow, Bristlepelt, Nightstripe, Dawnflames, Rainstorm, Lakefoot) were moved to ForestClan.


Bristlepaw(later Bristlepelt)






Diamond- cream-colored cat, mother of Yellowkit and Pinekit

Moroberry- major queen, mother of Tinykit, Mintkit, and Brownkit

Straightfur- tabby with extremely straight fur. Mother of Quickkit    

                         and Deerkit


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